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  • 04:39 Nigeria: Tourist Attractions

    Nigeria: Tourist Attractions

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  • 09:07 Lagos Africa's Big Apple

    Lagos Africa's Big Apple

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    Welcome to Lagos Africa's very own big apple, a vibrant mega-city whose pulse is felt as wide as its influence reaches, a discovery of opportunities at the heart of Africa.

  • 03:01 Abuja carnival

    Abuja carnival

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  • 09:18 Eko Atlantic City Project

    Eko Atlantic City Project

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    It is a metropolis rising from the Atlantic Ocean. The Eko Atlantic city project is the ambitious plan to build a vibrant 21st century city that will stretch over 7 kilometers and will be built on over 9 square kilometers of land reclaimed from the ocean.

  • 05:14 This Is Nigeria

    This Is Nigeria

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    Nigeria, Tourism, Travel, Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Cross River, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Eko Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Transcorp Hilton.

  • 01:04 Transcorp Hilton Hotel F C T Abuja

    Transcorp Hilton Hotel F C T Abuja

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    Picture Tour of the accommodation&facilities of Transcorp Hilton Hotel located in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja in Nigeria by www.nigerianhotelson...

  • 10:24 Fela's Burial

    Fela's Burial

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    Mike Smada sings for his idol.

  • 04:15 Biafra Prepares To Face Federal Forces

    Biafra Prepares To Face Federal Forces

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    Footage of the Nigerian civil war. Including an interview with Ojukwu, and Biafran civilians receiving crash military training before being sent to the war fr...

  • 02:27 How Powerful Is Nigeria?

    How Powerful Is Nigeria?

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    Nigeria is expected to surpass the population of the US sometime before the year 2050 - which would put it third in the world behind India and China....

  • 07:25 Boko Haram Massacres 2,000 In Nigeria

    Boko Haram Massacres 2,000 In Nigeria

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    Hundreds of bodies – too many to count – remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an Islamic extremist attack that Amnesty International described as the “d...

  • 04:19 Extraordinary Scenes Inside Nigeria National Assembly

    Extraordinary Scenes Inside Nigeria National Assembly

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    The Nigerian Police Force have released extraordinary video of the scenes inside the National Assembly earlier this week when Politicians and Police clashed....



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